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Loimaa - combining business and pleasure


At this time of year, people are usually busy writing out-of-office replies, asking family to look after the beloved family pet and trying to fit into swimming costumes that have somehow shrunk.

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Made in Finland – Creating lightweight self-propelled booms


Dinolift Oy is a Finnish company that manufactures and sells high-quality MEWPs, mainly to the rental business, but also directly to the end-users. DINO MEWPs allow you to work above ground safely.

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When to choose a trailer-mounted vs a lightweight self-propelled MEWP?


We all know that renting or purchasing a MEWP can ultimately make your job significantly easier, safer and most certainly more effective. MEWPs come in all sizes, but choosing which boom to use.

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Transporting lightweight booms to the building site


Whether you choose a scissor lift, articulated boom or a lightweight boom for your work at hand, you need to transport the lift to the required destination. Proper transit ensures the safety of.

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Could Diesel-Powered MEWPs be Eco-Friendly?

Dino_lightweight_eco-friendly_booms 2

We all know that providing safety and efficiency when working at height is paramount, but in this day and age eco-friendliness is becoming more and more important. The environmental impact of.

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What if your boom lift was 60% lighter?


Boom lifts are very convenient, versatile and useful on construction site jobs. When it comes to choosing the right boom lift for your task, bigger or heavier is not necessarily the best choice..

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