Changing the way we communicate – forever

With the DINO Hub set to launch in February, we find out what to expect and how it will benefit the wider DINO family.

Perhaps the biggest digital transformation at Dinolift will occur in the coming weeks. Months in the making, the new DINO Hub will change the way we communicate with our distributors, customers and end-users and offer an unprecedented insight into how we work.

We caught up with Saara Heikkilä, DINO’s Marketing and Communications Specialist, to find out more about the launch and how it will benefit everyone in the DINO family.

- Saara, these are exciting times! So, what exactly is the new Hub?

The Hub will be a virtual community that changes the way you experience and interact with us and our products online. It’s a digital platform in which you can find all the DINO-related information you need. This has been designed to include everyone – distributors, key accounts, customers, end-users and everyone else who interacts with the company on a daily basis.

The Hub will also be completely free to use for anyone, as we want to encourage a real community.



DINO Talkx will feature a range of keynote speakers.
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- Sounds great. When will it launch?

On February 15th. We are hosting the first-ever DINO Talkx event to mark the launch. Our keynote speakers will be Angus Kennard, Co-founder and Co-CEO at Inauro in Australia, and our very own MD Karin Nars. They will be discussing future trends in the industry and the drivers behind them. We will also have the wonderful André Noel Chaker hosting. We are so excited about this unique event and can’t wait to see people from all around the world join together.

We are also very keen to get feedback from the people who will be using the DINO Hub. Our plan is to develop this arena together with each and every visitor. We need to find out what they want to see and what content is most beneficial for them; only then can we ensure the Hub serves everyone.


- What benefits can we expect from the Hub?

This will be an information centre, where everything is under one roof. It will be a great sales tool for our distributors, as well as our own sales team. Further, we want to create a community that will allow people from all over the world to communicate with us and each to learn and improve. People will also be able to book a meeting with someone from the DINO team and connect with us in an easy and convenient way.



The DINO Hub will offer a unique way of viewing DINO’s machines online.
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- Can you give us an insight into what will be involved?

There will be three parts to the Hub. 1) We will have a virtual showroom where you can get all the information about our products and view them in a way never seen before. 2) There will be a virtual factory tour, which will leave no stone unturned. We know that not everyone can visit our HQ in Loimaa, so this gives them a chance to get to know how we work and the people who make the machines. 3) Finally, as I mentioned earlier, in Hub we’ll have a virtual stage where we can host DINO Talkx events like the launch event on February 15th. At DINO Talkx, we’ll talk about current topics that impact our industry and inspire conversation around the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

- Why did you decide to set up the Hub now?

Well, the world is a different place now! We realised a while ago that the hybrid workplace is here to stay, so we wanted to create a space where everyone can experience our products and facilities, even though they might not be able to meet us in person.

We also wanted to provide DINO fans around the world with more tools and network with people – sharing pictures, images and tips on how to get the best from their machines. Our plan is to have this as a living organism that is regularly updated with new content, from both us and our wider DINO family.


The DINO Hub will bring a huge range of benefits to users.
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- Can you give us a sneak preview into what we can expect once the Hub launches?

This is a completely new way of showcasing our products. I can guarantee that people will have never seen DINOs showcased in this way. It is new to us, so will also be new for our users as well!

The virtual tour is also something that has blown me away. Not only will visitors get a close-up view of the machines, but they will also get to meet the people who make them. Of everything in the Hub, I think that is my favourite aspect.

Sign up now to be part of the first ever DINO Talkx on February 15th!


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