Creating a unique DINO customer experience

For Dinolift, customer experience and feedback matter a great deal. The systematic processing, analysis, and utilization of feedback will help bring Dinolift’s customer experience to a new level.

Feedback is a gift, says Dinolift’s Customer Experience Manager Juhana Arkio, who joined the DINO team in June. Arkio’s background lies in service and industrial design, which influences his approach to customer experience (CX) work.

“The end-user experience is the essence of design thinking. During my career, I've participated in product and service development projects where the hardest part usually was to understand what the customer and end-user need,” Arkio says.

Customer experience consists of the image, the feelings, and the experiences people have of your company. Arkio sees CX work as a form of empathy. It’s a service designer’s way to understand the needs and expectations of customers, and ultimately, to satisfy and exceed those expectations.

“It is strategic work that, in the best-case scenario, results in high loyalty rates among customers and growing sales figures. It may even lower marketing costs in the long run. To reach this level one needs a plan and feedback to extract the data,” Arkio explains.

With the application of tools such as customer journey mapping, net promoter score measurements (NPS), and in-depth interviews with customers, Arkio plans to take on a systematic approach to Dinolift’s customer experience work.

“The design approach of customer journey mapping will enable us to model the reality of company operations and build the foundation for measurement and development. Conducting in-depth interviews with some of our end-users is one way we will really get to know who our customers are.”



Working with customer experience can help grow sales and even lower marketing costs.
Photo credit - Dinolift


Know your customer and nurture partner relationships

Many companies fail to understand that sales figures alone are not enough to determine whether or not their customers are happy. Therefore, working with customer experience and feedback is crucial for the long-term success of any company.

One of the key elements of CX work is to understand the customer. If you know your customers and their expectations, you can create a good road map to a better customer experience.

When it comes to mobile elevating working platforms, the end-user rarely buys the actual product. By conducting field observations, user interviews, and collecting feedback, Dinolift hopes to gain a better understanding of the end-users of DINO products.

“If we can understand the needs of the end-users, we can offer even better designs in the future.”

The business environment a company operates in impacts its ability to build and maintain customer relationships. CX work helps to get a clear picture of the business environment as well.

“Good networks are an asset and nurturing the relationship with our partners is crucial.”



Understanding the experience of end-users gives valuable insight for future designs.
Photo credit - Dinolift

Next level – real change

In the upcoming months, the way Dinolift collects feedback from customers will become more organized. Tools such as NPS will be used to process the feedback and help create a real change in the company.

The management and development of customer experience involve everyone who works for the company. For CX work to make a difference, collection and analysis of customer feedback must be followed by development actions. Structured CX work makes it possible to introduce new game-changing models and innovations.

"What is crucial when dealing with CX data, is that the results are processed and analyzed to implement necessary changes in the organization to add customer orientation in the whole company.”

Data need to be accurate and reliable in measuring operations, actions and campaigns. It is important to present credible analysis and reliable information about customer experience. When the feedback is processed, the implemented changes need to be concrete and targeted.

In other words, for the customer to have a voice, numbers need to translate into actions.

Finally, information and ideas on how to implement change must find their way to the right person in the organization. Arkio is eager to get to this phase with his colleagues at Dinolift.

“With co-creation methods, we can create engaging ways of working together towards this common goal – to offer an excellent and unique DINO experience for our customers.”