The beginning of an unique digital journey – Takeaways from the first ever DINO Talkx

A while back we launched our new digital platform, the DINO Hub, together with 200 of our customers, distributors, and other DINO friends. The first DINO Talkx was hosted by André Noël Chaker and our own Karin Nars, Managing Director of Dinolift and it gave us insights into the digital development within our industry.

We summarized for you the most important takeaways from the launch. You can also watch the event recording in the DINO Hub anytime – the Hub is ready to guide you in all your DINO-related questions 24/7.

DINO Talkx – What did we learn?


How did we come up with the DINO Hub idea?

In the past two years, physical meetings have been scarce, so we felt a need for new ways of interacting with our customers, distributors, and end-users. A greater digital presence is increasingly important and we wanted to make it possible for everyone to experience DINO regardless of time or place.

Our long-term vision for the DINO Hub is to create a community where all DINO friends can interact with our equipment, watch videos of our lifts in use, ask questions, exchange experiences and learn from each other. In the Hub, you can easily find all DINO-related information and connect with us anytime.

The DINO Hub is a place and a community for all DINO friends. We will continuously develop the platform and features to cover all DINO-related aspects in one place. This means there is something for everyone from the lift operators to rental business and from sales to service, not to forget the owners of our lifts.

“At Dinolift our main focus is currently on the customer experience in the whole value chain. We want to learn more about how customers are using our equipment and offer digital services to cater for both customer and operator needs. This naturally means more communication, interaction, and also gathering and utilizing data. The ultimate goal for us, is, of course, to create even better products”, says Karin Nars.


Gus Kennard, André Nöel Chaker and Karin Nars discussed the role of digitalization in the access industry at the first DINO Talkx.
Photo credit - Dinolift

Digitalization in the rental industry – what does it mean in practice?

Gus Kennard, Co-founder, and Co-CEO at Inauro and third-generation owner of Kennards Hire, has been an inspiration to Dinolift and the creation of our new digital strategy. We can think of no-one better to explain what digitalization means in the rental industry.

“Rental is mainly online these days, but it is at any time and it is at short notice. This means we need to gather data and make it available to enable efficiency. It is all about the customer and creating a complete and seamless rental experience. We need to understand why a customer would choose to rent over buying a piece of equipment”, Gus said.

“What it really boils down to is peace of mind. The equipment needs to be safe and properly maintained and checked. Instructions must be available digitally and fleet availability, history, and compliance aspects, as well as other mobile apps, need to be seamlessly integrated into the experience. Customers need to know that the equipment is going to do the job that they intend it to do. In short – digitalization makes rental easy and efficient. This means that we need a real-time view of the operations; where is my asset, is it suitable for the job at hand, does it need on-site attention and how quickly can we get it back on-hire after use”, he continues.

In terms of the rental perspective – what should we be focusing on now? 

Due to the nature of operations, brick and mortar is always going to have a presence, but the online development so far has created a good baseline for digitalization going forward.

More and more rental transactions are managed online. Mobile interfaces and apps are providing pre-start checklists, operation manuals and an increasing amount of data of hired assets is available. This data may come from an OEM telematics offering or from devices that are added to the equipment. It is valuable to both rental operators and customers, who are interested in accessing it for both compliance and health and safety monitoring purposes.

What did our participants say and what happens next? 

During the DINO Talkx we asked participants to answer polls, give us suggestions and provide feedback. We are happy to share these insights with you, and they will be an important guideline for us when developing the DINO Hub further.

What do you expect from the DINO Hub-1

Get inspired - 35 %
Get to know the products better - 31 %
Find technical data - 17 %
Interact with a community of DINO lovers - 17 %

Positive impacts_digitalization

Easier management and use of equipment - 42 %
Better access to training - 25 %
Savings in total cost of ownership - 29 %
Something else - 4 %

Dinolift focus next years

Online shop for spare parts - 13 %
Innovations and special application equipment - 7 %

Improvements in existing product range - 20 %
Predictive maintenance and fleet diagnostics - 27 %
Sustainable development, more green machines - 30 %
Something else - 3%

Introducing the DINO Hub – Experience, Learn, Participate

In the DINO Hub, you can explore the DINO fleet virtually – from the ground up – with picture-perfect realism and simulated lift operations. In the different hotspots you can jump on board a lift and experience the DINO MEWPs at work in our realistic 3D world.

HubSpot Video


As visiting our factory is not always possible for everyone, we wanted to create a virtual factory tour. Hop on the bus, take a tour of our production plant and familiarize yourself with the specialized manufacturing processes behind the DINO MEWPs. Meet us and see how our 200+ DINO experts design, build and support the entire DINO fleet.

No experience is complete without learning new things, connecting with people, and getting inspired. The virtual stage in the DINO Hub is the place to explore the topics at the heart of our industry. In our DINO Talkx events, we want to inspire meaningful conversations about the opportunities and challenges we all face in our work. We want to help rental partners expand their fleet sustainably, leverage telematics and digitalization in lift design as well as provide insights into how to rethink sales and marketing tools for the future. In short, we want to help you find the answers that build your business.

Keep an eye out for coming events, DINO Talkx will be arranged on a regular basis. Sign-up for our newsletter to stay up to date and make sure you are the first to receive the invitation.

If you haven´t yet visited the DINO Hub, go and explore it now. Please give us feedback on your experience and help us to further develop the platform to better suit your needs. You will find the link to the feedback in the DINO Hub either by opening up the chatbot or by clicking the feedback icon on all pages.

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