Tracking DINOs

MyDINO is a telematics service developed by Dinolift that will elevate the way remote diagnostics are used with MEWPs. It will deliver data insights that can make a real difference in costs, sustainability and efficiency.

Dinolift has just launched its long-anticipated MyDINO telematics tool, which will be a standard feature across the board from the start of 2023. It’ll give machine owners and rental companies the possibility to efficiently optimise the use of their lifts and entire fleets, plus gain brand-new insights. Essentially, by collecting machine data and increasing utilisation rates with remote diagnostics, you will get the most out of your DINO.

“MyDINO enables a deeper understanding of how our machines work, and therefore, how to improve them even more. Good customer service has always been our strength, and now we can make it even stronger,” emphasises Karin Nars, Managing Director at Dinolift. “It’s also important that our machines are used throughout their lifecycle, and that they serve our customers safely and effectively for as long as possible.”



Electrics and Controls Designer Antti Kaukonen says MyDINO brings maintenance closer to the user.
Image credit: Dinolift


Real-time machine data

Telematics has been around for a long time, so how has it been adapted to benefit Dinolift’s customers?

“The diagnostics provide informaton on different functions, such as operating hours, location and which features of the lift are used, making it easier to choose the right lift for the job,” explains Antti Kaukonen, Electrics and Controls Designer at Dinolift. “You don’t need the biggest machine for every project. Using the right lift saves costs overall.”

MyDINO not only helps to optimise machine usage but also brings maintenance a step closer since many issues can be solved with a simple phone call.

“With remote diagnostics, you can monitor in what position the machine is and how much CO2 is emitted. If the machine happens to malfunction, MyDINO will report that data to the service personnel remotely, minimising downtime and, therefore, costs,” Kaukonen notes. All data is accessible online and with the Trackunit app when you’re on the go.

What’s particularly special about this new feature is that it can be installed on self-propelled models and machines that are up to 20 years old. It can even collect data from lifts with small combustion engines.

“The data collected from all engines helps to estimate emissions and the environmental impact. This is an exceptional feature in aerial work platforms with small combustion engines,” stresses Kaukonen.



Machinery rental company Renta installed MyDINO on several of its machines for a test period, which helped determine how the solution could still be improved.
Image credit: Renta


Feedback from test partners 

Ensuring that MyDINO is compatible with all machines was a challenge but of paramount importance to the developers. Testing started in late 2021 with construction machinery rental companies Renta and Cramo. After around six months, the development team received feedback on the positives and what improvements could still be made.

“The system is simple to install, and it only takes a moment”, explains Jarmo Niskala, Fleet Management and Development Manager at Renta. “We had around half a dozen rental machines that were installed with MyDINO. The service was in use for several months and overall, monitoring the diagnostics was practical since the app was already familiar to us.”

Renta’s maintenance staff were happy with how useful and accessible all the information was and were impressed by the access to diagnostics they had never had before.

“We look forward to seeing how the service develops and if some current machine hardware limitations can be overcome, such as getting more data on trailer-mounted machines,” Niskala adds.

Improving the customer experience and service won’t end here, assures Kaukonen.

“MyDINO is never finished. We will continue to develop the product to offer the best telematics tool possible and keep our important DINO owners more than satisfied,” he concludes.


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