Uplifting experience at busy bauma

The bauma trade fair 2022 was a spectacular event with larger-than-life machines and an electric atmosphere. Dinolift’s Communications and Marketing Specialist Julia Asplund shares her on-site experience.

Last August, Julia Asplund joined Dinolift as our Communications and Marketing Specialist. Besides handling content marketing and collaborating with the sales and marketing team, she takes care of Dinolift’s presence at different events. In October, she participated with the rest of the DINO team in the bauma trade fair in Munich, Germany. Read all about her experience in her travel diary! 


Day 1, 24.10.2022

Before heading to Helsinki airport, I packed half my suitcase with Finnish delicacies like reindeer meat and cowberry jam. These were not for me, but for the client event to be held on Wednesday. After arriving in Munich with my colleague Mina Lim, we dropped off the food supplies to the catering company and then looked for a place to have dinner. Unfortunately, every restaurant we went to was fully booked due to the fair, so we settled for fast food.


I took the time to photograph the breathtaking number of different machines and set-ups on display.

Image credit: Julia Asplund


Day 2, 25.10.2022

After breakfast, we headed to the metro and were surprised at how busy it was. In fact, the trains were crammed so full of people going to bauma that some didn’t even stop at the station!

Once we reached the fair, we tracked down the rest of the DINO team and the DINOs on display. Throughout the day, we met with several distributors, rental companies and potential clients, all of whom had the chance to try our machines, including the DINO 280RXTE, 230VTH hybrid, XTC and trailer-mounted 180XTII. I tirelessly answered questions, collected leads and handled other practicalities. I also met with a few IPAF members and journalists from industry magazines. It was great to be out of the office and to network. 


We met the rest of the DINO team and got to know colleagues I haven’t had the chance to work with yet.

Image credit: Julia Asplund


Day 3, 26.10.2022

We left the hotel a bit earlier today to avoid the worst of the rush hour, which gave me some time to walk around the fair and check out the other exhibitors.

Before the evening’s customer event, we had a little situation with the preparations but everything was sorted before the party began. The get-together was attended by our distributors and suppliers, along with Isoli's and Hematec’s invited customers. Besides great food and drink, the evening was spent catching up with colleagues and networking – I think it’s safe to say that the event was a success.


Our distributors from Italy, Germany and a few other countries brought local foods for us to enjoy. And of course, we offered the Finnish delicacies I had brought with me!

Image credit: Julia Asplund


Day 4, 27.10.2022


The fair visitors had the chance to test DINOs at the Dinolift department.

Image credit: Julia Asplund


Today I got to try one of the lifts and was elevated up to 28 meters – the maximum height you can go with a DINO. It was very exciting, and I could see the entirety of the huge fair area from up there. Otherwise, it was a relaxed day talking with fair visitors and getting leads.

According to the organisers, around 495,000 visitors from 200 countries attended the bauma trade fair over its seven days. While it was lower than three years ago when the fair was last held, it was still a good turnout.

In the evening, we enjoyed dinner with the rest of the DINO team. I went to sleep tired but happy.


The tour taught me about Munich’s history and introduced me to its luxury streets, beer halls and old architecture.

Image credit: Julia Asplund


Day 5, 28.10.2022

On the last day, I had the morning off to enjoy the city, so I joined a bus sightseeing tour. In the afternoon, I headed back to the packed airport and finally arrived home in the evening.

Overall, bauma was an amazing experience. I got to participate in the construction equipment industry’s largest trade fair and got to know the DINO team better. The trip taught me how to prepare for future trade fairs and I'm already looking forward to the next one.


Image caption: After the sightseeing tour, I went for a stroll and ate a salty pretzel with creme cheese at a small cafe.

Image credit: Julia Asplund


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