When to choose a trailer-mounted vs a lightweight self-propelled MEWP?

We all know that renting or purchasing a MEWP can ultimately make your job significantly easier, safer and most certainly more effective. MEWPs come in all sizes, but choosing which boom to use for a specific job is what matters the most.

Lift manufacturers and rental companies have thought of it all - there are MEWPs for every lifting job you can think of. Start by asking yourself a few important questions to proceed with making the correct MEWP selection:

  • How high will you need to reach? 
  • Where is the worksite – multiple or a single worksite?
  • What is the need - short term or long term?
  • Ground considerations - will you need to operate on challenging ground conditions?
  • Are there weight considerations to take into account?
  • How will you transport the MEWP to the desired location?



Advantages with choosing a trailer-mounted MEWP

A trailer-mounted MEWP is an ideal choice when your powered access work is located in multiple locations and mobility is of importance. Trailers can easily be pulled to different locations just by attaching them to a regular passenger car, pick-up or van. Whenever there are weight restrictions on the job or access to constricted work sites is required a trailer-mounted MEWP is a good choice. Outriggers enable levelling and work in inclined ground conditions. Large inbuilt outrigger plates spread the load which allows use also on delicate surfaces or soft grounds.

DINO Trailer-mounted MEWPs


When to choose a towable MEWP

  • For jobs needed in multiple locations
  • When your job at hand requires high mobility
  • When you need a MEWP that is cost-efficient and provides versatile access ability
  • When you require easy, quick and safe operation at height – Trailers are suitable for both occasional users and professionals alike
  • When you need easy and economical to transport between work sites 
    • An ideal choice for short term jobs
    • Ideal for occasional users as you can collect the MEWP from the rental company yourself

In addition to these, trailers are suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor work. They also provide lower maintenance costs, have an excellent height to weight ratio and as the cherry on top – trailer-mounted MEWPs are an environmentally friendly access solution using 230VAC mains or DC-battery powered solutions.



Advantages with choosing a lightweight self-propelled MEWP

Self-propelled MEWPs are equipped with 4x4 driving systems that naturally allow you to drive them from place to place at the worksite. Lightweight self-propelled booms are perfect for sites with weight restrictions or locations where superior all-terrain and levelling capability is needed. Faster driving and setup also means better productivity for the operator. In addition to this, the Dinolift range provides automatic levelling for quick setup.


DINO RXT – More height with less weight



When to choose a lightweight self-propelled MEWP

  • For jobs in weight-restricted areas 
  • For jobs where the MEWP needs to be lifted to higher floors or on to the rooftop
  • For worksites where excellent levelling capability is needed
  • Lightweight self-propelled booms provide a lower surface pressure, which means that they can be used on surfaces that normally would require some form of foundation or spreader pad to reduce the pressure.
  • For jobs where the MEWP needs to be craned over fences
  • Due to its lighter weight, operation on gentle or soft surfaces is enabled
  • When you require excellent height to weight ratio for easy, quick and safe operation at height
  • For jobs where rough terrain access is needed
  • When easy cost-efficient transportation is required
  • When you need excellent outreach and up & over capability in a compact size

Lightweight self-propelled MEWPs are compact in size, equipped with small environmental-friendly engines that are economic in use. Because of its lightweight, transporting is both easy and economical.